Build Digital

It is no longer as simple as building a website and "they" will come. Social media, data, mobile, the cloud, and content management. Marketing automation, CRM, legacy integration, and security. In this stream, explore what digital transformation means, and how to integrate this potential into your strategic plan.

  • Web – The web is central to most organizations' marketing and engagement strategies. But how do you get target users to the website, and then convert them to action? How does the web connect to social media, marketing automation, and CRM? Modules range from strategy to execution.
  • Social Media – Social Media provides a transparency that organizations have never had access to before. Gone are the days of one-way communication. Now, users want access to brands and organizations on their terms. Learn how to leverage these channels to build awareness, build preference, and foster loyalty.
  • Content – Content influences brand, builds organizational capacity, and is the foundation of any inbound marketing strategy. Yet writing and editing content is not always straightforward - or efficient.

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