Every successful organization recognizes the role of growth - or the challenges from lack of it. This stream explores strategies and techniques that can help.

  • Marketing/Sales – Promotion takes more than a catchy marketing campaign, colourful brochures, and giveaways. Building relationships is a key component to an effective marketing strategy. And so is viral marketing, PR, inbound marketing, advertising, sales, rebranding, email, and much, much, more.
  • PR – Learn how to use both traditional and social media to execute a successful Public Relations strategy.
  • Social Media Strategy – Developing a social media presence for your organization is not about merely setting up a Facebook page, Tweeting, or sharing posts on LinkedIn. Learn about the importance of an integrated social media strategy and how to build it into your organization.
  • Management – Management is a muscle that gets stronger when exercised - and when it is nourished. Learn - or refresh - key management skills: for yourself, and for others.
  • Planning – A key aspect within any organization is planning, and the planning process. What might the future look like? What are the processes, systems, and structures that are necessary to be successful?
  • Risk Management – With the excitement of social media and (generally) all things digital, it is easy to forget the countervailing downside of risk. How can your organization protect itself - and what must it do when digital crisis strikes?

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